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The following information is for media use only. Please contact Tara Mello at or 256-886-8554 for permission to use the following content.



The Cigar Box Guitar Festival is a free event that raises money for music in schools through a raffle, sales of kids instrument building kits and the proceeds from the limited-edition commemorative guitar series. Funds raised are donated to Arts Huntsville's Creative Launchpad and the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation. The following photos are examples of how the funds are used.

Creative Launchpad

Photos from the cigar box guitar build class conducted Spring 2022 in science teacher Ms. Kerri Glass' 8th grade class at Madison Country Elementary School. Madison County Elementary has releases to publish photos of these children. Photo Credit: K. Glass/Madison County Elementary. 


Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation

Photos from MDMEF outreach program at Ridgecrest Elementary in May 2022. Photo Credit: Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation

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