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Reviews of Mad Sci Innovations Instruments...

Jeff_Porch Glory.jpg

"Jeff was amazing to work with! Custom build for me. I wanted an old looking CBG. It was packaged well, came quickly and was even better looking than the picture. The sound was rich and fat! I would have payed double for his quality work.."

~ Jeff, Fresno, CA

Porch Glory 3 string cigar box guitar

"Jeff's CBGs are the very best you can buy! I bought an ultra-cool little 3 stringer and a custom 4 string VW CBG resonator and couldn't be happier! Beautifully made with great features like "zero fret" design for perfect intonation, genius fretwork design eliminating "sharp" frets when the weather changes, and cool fretboard inlays. A++."

~ Robert, Vineland NJ

VW Resonator 4 string cigar box guitar and

Lil' Olive 3 string cigar box guitar

Robert_Lil Olive_edited.jpg
Robert_VW 4 String.jpg
Sandy_Low Boy.jpg

"Love the craftsmanship on this little gitty. I’m calling it my “bitty gitty”. The sound is great. Can’t believe it competes with my full size bass, but it does. Excellent work! Thank you!."

~ Sandy, Minneapolis, MN

Low Boy 2 String cigar box bass from the Hot Rod Series

"This man has hands of Gold. Extremely satisfied with his creation, custom order was a joy start to finish communication was top notch. It was packed like a precious antique would be. The cigar box amps are also beautiful works of art as well and these little buggers are loud!! I will be ordering again for sure. Everyone who sees it is impressed. You too can be a Blues Legend!!!"

~ James, Tinton Falls, NJ

Tennessee Blues Legend 3 string cigar box guitar & amplifier

James_TN Plate Custom.jpg
Joseph_Fiddle Luna.jpg

"What a beautiful violin this is. Sounds great too! Came with a bow already rosined, looked like it had been played a bit to make sure everything was in their right place. Haven't gotten to test the amp jack yet but the hardware looks like it was well put together. Definitely going to come back for more instruments in the future!"

~ Joseph, Sonora CA

Fiddle Luna 4 string cigar box fiddle

"Awesome guitar of utmost quality. Plays and sounds amazing! I have a lot of these and this is a step above the rest! Great communicator and all around nice guy to deal with."

~ Rich, West Islip NY

Island Jim 3 string cigar box guitar & matching amplifier

Rich_Island Jim CBG & Amp.jpg
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